Oh Harley-Harley-Harley.


FlumeI don’t even know what I can say about old mate Flume that would actually make you understand how much kids music elates me. The fact that is is no short of a babe, and when I say babe – I mean baby. Kids young.

Normally I would be slightly jealous of such talents at such a young age. Who is so sure of themselves that they just start achieving at 19’ish.. Not me. I’m still not acheiving.

Homeboy is now 21’ish, he is killing it. And here I am – poor but sexy in Berlin.

This is his remix of Yolanda Be Cool’s A Baru In New York ft. Gurrumul – I think it’s kind of slow to start but once you get to around 3 minutes you get CLASSIC Flume vibes, and just about want to bob your head with so much feeling it might just fall off your neck.

When’s Friday here again?



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