Oh Glyphs – clever Y’s in names confuse me.. FACTS.


So – findings, making them. Got an email from these guys (Glyphs) – a while back (shit by me – for being so slow with this). The lazy in me decided to send them some questions – because my life ATM is exhausting. I’m so busy and important, obviously.

Few quick things:

  1. I am loving their nouveau EP Small Sounds.
  2. I am kind of obsessed with their album art – because who doesn’t want to ride a bird like it’s a horse?
  3. I love soft swoony’ness of their music.

So that’s that, really. For QUESTIONS/ ANSWERS read more >> enjoy/ embrace.

LUCY: Name(s), age(s), location(s)?
GLYPHS: We’re Matt, 29 and Mark, 26. We’re originally from Liverpool but we’re based in London

LUCY: How did Tandem Bicycle GLYPHS (Lucy you fucktard) start – and where did the name come from?
GLYPHS: You’d have to ask Tandem Bicycle that (hah), but Glyphs started when Mark moved down to London and moved into a flat with Matt and his girlfriend Indira (who does our artwork along with our friend James). We came up with many, many shit names but Indira had a dream we were called Glyphs and it stuck.

LUCY: Any other names as contenders?
GLYPHS: They’re possibly too shit to mention.

LUCY: Is there some sort of epic Notebook story as to how the two of you know each other? – tell.
GLYPHS: Sadly not – we knew each other through mutual friends in Liverpool and got back in touch when Mark came back from two years travelling and needed somewhere to live. Not the most exciting of tales…

LUCY: On a day to day basis what blows your hair back, can’t be music? (translation, what do you do for fun)
GLYPHS: Living in London we’re never short of things to do, but we really enjoy finding new places to eat, drink and be merry.

LUCY: Last meal on earth – what would it be?
GLYPHS: Anything as long as there is loads of it and we don’t have to cook.

LUCY: If I picked up your iPod/ MP3 player/ music thing – what are the first three songs you would like me to hear – you know, to impress me?
GLYPHS: We both listen to quite different music but we cross over in some places. We’d probably play:

  1. Clockworks by Canblaster as he’s one of our favourite DJs at the moment
  2. Pony by Ginuwine because it encapsulates our love of 90s RnB music with cheesy videos
  3. Tender by Blur. We’ve been revisiting Blur a lot lately and this is a classic

LUCY: If all three of us were stuck on an island what board game would you bring, what cocktail, and what CD? (we have food, water and all that boring stuff people with no imagination list – it’s like paradise)
GLYPHS: Matt wants to bring Trivial Pursuit but Mark would prefer Hungry Hippos…something that doesn’t involve brain power. Cocktail wise, we’re not the classiest, so it’d have to a three litre bottle of cheap cider. One Love Christmas by King Brillo would be the CD of choice. It’s a reggae Christmas album we found in the corner shop. You’ll love it.

LUCY: Bow tie or reg tie?
GLYPHS: Bow tie. We like a challenge.

LUCY: If you weren’t the music types – what would you do? You are limitless – go.
GLYPHS: We both have other jobs that are far too boring to mention here – so without music it’d probably be a fairly standard 9 – 5 existence.

LUCY: Favorite artist of all time? – mine is Beyonce, we are judgment free here.
GLYPHS: That’s impossible to answer…so we won’t. We like too many to choose one.

LUCY: If you could time travel – to any point, ever. Where would you go, why etc.?
MARK: I’d go back to the 1800s to see the inspiration for Matt’s facial hair.
MATT: Fuck off.

You can listen to their business over at their Bandcamp (READ: free download – love a free download)

Thank you Glyphs etc.



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