Of COURSE you are from Canada – where else?


Fucking hey. Canadians, hey. They are a talented bunch. I was pushed onto this German music blog by a mate – which is kind of funny/ weird. Not because I went there on a recommendation, but because I trolled – for like an hour, a German blog. No English. All Deutsch. I don’t speak German, I don’t read German, I know clever phrases such as

  1. Hast du Kinder? | do you have a baby? – obviously this is a great question for when I go to Germany.
  2. Offensichtlich! | Obviously! – it’s kind of obvious as to why I should know this, right?
  3. Du hast einen Vogel | I think this mean something about you being crazy, but google translate says it means “You have a bird” – …

So from the above we can see – German, not a strength. HOWEVER this site, really pretty good with music. So I found Happy Trendy. Which I must say I like from the get go – Happy Trendy, I mean – WHAT A NAME. Doesn’t it just make you feel fuzzy inside – it’s like named by someone that doesn’t speak English – but is really just a bundle of joy and puts two really nice words together.

Anyway – that all said, getting this rec. from a Germ-burger site means I know very little about the Happy Trendy. What I do know is that it’s headed by Dylan Khotin-Foote from Edmonton Canada! and that’s it. His shit is pretty spectacular. You just need to hit play and let it wash.



P.S You can get the new EP Die Young today  (what fucking timing..?) over at the Happy Trendy bandcamp – it’s prettty heyyyy-yo, if I do say so myself.


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