Dear James Franco,

This is the second open letter I have ever done on this site, and who knew it would be to someone as epic as you. I must admit, I didn’t always adore you – I mean you are a babe, but prior to now I just sort of thought you were a touch creepy.

Now, I mean that with no offense, it is just that you sort of gaze at things (view the entire Oscars), and that is fine – I used to do that too. But that is kind of weird. I actually stopped myself from staring when I was younger because I got pulled up for bullying, which was kind of retarded, the fact in it all was I didn’t even know their names.

Seems I am off track. You. The babe. right. I have a confession, I actually never saw you in that series that got cancelled to then become like some cult classic.. What was that one called… Freaks and Geeks – that’s right.. However that’s not necessarily because I wouldn’t like it -it could also just be that it wasn’t shown in Australia.

I think I realised that you were a babe of the major proportions when I saw you pose for Terry Richardson, so it really IS that recent.. There is something about Terrys photographs that make me swoon – massively. I think it might be the very clear colors/ lack of color that makes it so uber wonderful. I also think whatever Terry touches, turns to gold. And that was you.

My only real concern with of this all is you are from the Bay Area (Palo Alto) and maybe they are raised a little less crazy down South, but to be frank – and no offense the SF/CA readers out there – but you guys are fucking nuts. You can’t commit to much, there is always something better happening, and you are obsessed with your health/ spirituality – for the sake of a cleanse – not for the sake of just being healthy.

I would like to think we would get along, and I’m not hideous so I would probably nuture your status of being a babe without outshining. But that is entirely your call.

You now know how I feel, do what you will with it.

Forever yours – Lucy (vs. the Globe)


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