OCEANIA CALLING: Seekae in your eardrums


Tuesday morning and we are getting back into a normal routine. So far, today has consisted of a run, coffee, cereal, the writing of an Ask Lucy and then Seekae. Since getting more involved with the German language I have been finding it increasingly difficult to keep this shit rolling. But it’s summer holidays now – and life returns back to it’s natural rhythm.

I had very little idea who Seekae was, until I decided to get in and around my Soundcloud this morning and do some blog due diligence. I still don’t really know too much about them. They are Australian, on the future classic label, come to us from Sydney (the second best city in Australia) and are made up of 3 (I think?) reasonably attractive young guys (Hallllo Australian dudes).

So far this AM Test & Recognise has been on a quiet repeat. It’s disco, a bit moody and super easy to listen to. They are doing a bit of an AU tour with Jonti for the month of August. Find all those details and more here.

If this doesn’t win over your Tuesday, I don’t know what will.



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