OCEANIA CALLING: Client Liaison – new video, EU tour…Bliss


Client Liaison has a new video out – exciting. Really. Really. REALLY. I think these boys make the best/ most fun videos of them all – perhaps it the fact I know the scenery, it could be that I remember both these guys as kids – WHO FUCKING KNOWS, but right this very moment I’m like a kid in a cake shop.

I frankly do not remember the ski mountains of Australia looking as picturesque as what the video for Feed the Rhythm depicts – but I don’t even care. The stressful left hand driving, the gum trees, the casual BBQ – TAKE ME HOME, please?

The boys are actually in Europe over the coming weeks supporting Flight Facilities – we will have some tickets, we will give them away, you should all go (you can also buy tickets..) The group rose to fame in Melbourne largely in part because of their live shows – this was two years ago.



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