Nuggets shared through Spotify


So I am only just learning about Spotify. And although it’s awesome, its hard to share music through it, well hard to share new music > unless it’s already there – which I don’t think a lot of my stuff is. ANYWAY – what I love is that people can drop shit in my inbox and then I have new and exciting stuff to listen to.

I have some pretty sass worthy friends with regards to musical taste, so it gets semi interesting… ANYWAY – this delish St Lucia number just got dropped in my inbox as of yesterday. And I am sort of loving it.

Semi uplifting, which is what I need currently – as I am at work, working.. Well obviously not really working right now – as I am writing this, but still I’m in the office – attempting to work.

This is a bunch of jibberish, I apologise.

Just take a listen.. Personally I love a good bit of 1990’s feeling saxaphone, DON’T YOU?



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