Nouveau Chiddy Bang, I love you and shit.


GAH – I love these kids from the state where the Amish live (Pennsylvania..?) – I always wondered about Pennsylvania – I think there is some surprisingly good music coming out of that State – and I wondered whether it’s because people feel nurtured and prepared to grow and put themselves out there on the daily to make epic music..

And then I went there and realised (no offense people from Pennsylvania) but your state’s a hole. I mean it’s kind of pretty – and Lancaster was a total trip – and the fabulous Falling Water can be found in your parts. But that’s where the fun ends.. So I guess you have nothing else to do but escape through music..?

Chiddy Bang – I love and adore you, if I wasn’t betrothed to like 17 other muscians –

I would totally propose to you… (go download the below “song from the archives” here)


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