Norwegian Wave Night? Don’t mind if I do.


Dear Norway,
I don’t actually know much about you. But what I do know is this:

  1. Your economy is mostly based on oil and natural resources.
  2. Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in the world.
  3. Stavanger is the hub of all things mining (think: oil).
  4. If you were flipped in some direction (south) you would reach all the way to Africa.
  5. You can vibe a hotdog, in a big way.
  6. Words like “fart” and “snart” exist. If you don’t see why those are funny I can’t help you.
  7. Phrases such as “en rosin i pølsen” are used, which literally means a “raisin in a sausage” (or a surprise in something already great!)…Norwegians like sausages and apparently raisins in sausages are the bee’s knees. You see, a sausage is already great on its own, but add in raisins and life doesn’t get much better.

I guess I know quite a bit for a country that is kind of like the real world version of Game of Thrones. Shit’s cold in your parts, and you are mostly isolated from everything – a bit like Australia in that sense but your isolation is much more manageable than my version of isolation – which equates to a 24h airplane journey.

Other things I do know – you produce some weirdly good musicians. I’m still fuzzy on how this happens, or why – I’m starting to think there is something to being your own un-relatable culture, or just isolation in general because it really is a thing in your Scandinavian parts.

Next week, Nordic by Nature and some of their mostly Deutscher mates are hosting a Norwegian Wave Night. Two of your clever and delicious people are playing. And when I say clever and delicious – I mean, if it wasn’t illegal to literally eat someone, I would probably pop some mustard on Nils Bech, throw Machine Birds on the grill and call it Norwegian BBQ.

I managed to get a couple of extra tickets for the December 7 event at Flamingo, which are (normally) priced at 10/12€ – feels like winning, doesn’t it? What I’m going to do is give them away. I don’t know if you want them – but if you do, you need to do the following:

  1. Head over to the Lucy vs. the Globe facebook page
  2. Like my page, if you haven’t already – if you have, thanks.
  3. Click the Norwegian Wave tab
  4. enter your email, and send me a link to your favourite Norwegian invention – mine? The Norwegian walking sticks.

I can’t wait to see you/ hear from you (contest closes 18:00 / 6 December),

Love Lucy


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