We have Nordic tickets – and you can win them.


Berlin Music Week is coming, and I have tickets to all sorts of showcases. Shit that is exciting – THAT. Mostly for you. Because IF “Sie sind Berliner”, that means some of your music madness – is FREE. And this is where it gets wild – it is not free rubbish.

It’s not like a happy meal where you get a toy and it sucks – it’s like you get a free concert and the acts are bloody glorious. Are you picking up what I am putting down?

Today’s magic Showcase is the Nordic by Nature Showcase for Berlin Music Week 2012 – SOUNDS OFFICIAL. People that you can see at said Showcase are kind of out of this world. Let me list them:

The thing is fans and followers, I went to a Nordic by Nature gig last week – and if not for the music, you want to hit these events because it’s wall to wall Scandinavian people (men) and that is just heaven divine; and for all the homme readers out there – there are also the Scandinavian femmes, LEST WE FORGET THE FEMMES. I’m certain we have covered how the Nordic regions of the globe are the chosen people – and can aesthetically do no wrong.

The question is:
  1. Do you want to hear good music?
  2. Do you want to meet a nice boy/ girl?
  3. Are you vaguely single?
  4. Do you prefer to surround yourself with pretty people?
  5. Do you like to get things for free?
  6. Are you available Thursday 6th September from 7P?
  7. AND can you get to Berlin easily?

If you answered yes – to at least #6 and #7, you could be in line for one of 3 double passes to said event.


I wont judge you by your .gif selection, but it would probably help if it was marginally clever and not pornographic.

Get mailing my little doves X



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