Niki & the Dove are all the happiness I need


Honestly – I could just about wrap myself up in this clever outfit out of Sweden – and not let go for a really long time.

I have been feeling like this for a few days now – the need to just be wrapped up, and not let go. It’s getting kind of awkward. I’m starting to look at any/ all hommes that cross my path as future wrapper-upper’ers. It’s like – you know when you have dog biscuits in your hand, and then there is a dog? You – males species – are the biscuits. And I’m obviously the dog. Metaphorically speaking.

So it’s kind of nice that Niki & the Dove makes this nauseating need/ want for companionship subside – because (Anne-frankly) The Beach is all the comfort I need.

Viva music, for the moment.


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