Night Works – new to me..?


So it seems that one of the team from Metronomy has their own band – Night Works..? Did I know this and just didn’t? Did you know this? Have I been so lost in my own planet that it’s like EVERYTHING is new to me..? Either way this song makes me pretty God damn stocked.

It’s light, but moves at just the right pace that I want to shimmy the shoulders – a fraction. Perhaps hit the volume button and take tread to the streets. It’s got the same sort of vibe as Metronomy, not that surprising as it’s produced by one of their current team members (Joel Mount) – And really can you go wrong with those guys. I’m not sure you can.

Get delicious, get listening.

Post Script: Seems I was in a road-trip hole when Night Works came around. It seems I am going through road trip withdrawals today. Av.


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