NewVillager = lust worthy music.. At it’s best.


I have been meaning to write something about NewVillager for weeks. It’s actually really poor form by me for not getting on this early, I’m a lazy git – who goes on holiday, and thinks it’s all about them. HOW VERY DARE ME!

So – NewVillager. Makes. My. Skin. Tingle. True/ factual music bombs – dropping them. Things I kind of like about this team – pretty sure it’s a team – they talk sing. I love talk singing. You know, Adele – you’re good, your voice is sick – but can you talk sing and I STILL like you..? I don’t know. These are lifes – biggest questions.

I have actually had NewVillager’s album on repeat for the last ages, and it is not yet getting old. What I am finding is I like one song – then a new one evolves to be something equally as sick and so on – that’s the best, I think. You know because often I am too A.D.D. to like an album for a long period – I need to move constantly from one to the next, because if you’ve heard one – you’ve probably heard them all.. But that is not happening right now – which honestly makes my life that much easier.

I am obsession with music, but finding new music constantly is like – kind of hard work. Frankly, having an album which is standing the test of time when it comes to shuffle/ repeat – is KILLER, in a good way – not a crazy DEXTER way.

So let’s talk things you need to do right now, this second, immediately?

  1. if you live in SAN FRANCISCO – go RSVP to their FREE (FREEEEEEE) gig at the Clift on the 21st October
  2. Listen to my 2 favs below – Cocoon House is what made me investigate the group further, Shot Big Horizons is a large part as to my continued listening.
  3. Fan the page on the face

And after all that – if you think I’m onto a winner – buy their shit on iTunes. Because that is where you get music…

RIP big retails, ie. JB HiFi


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