New York, New York.


So – I have just finished up my week in NYC with Ham-bone (my dad) – been a pretty good week really. Ending on a sour note. Currently stuck at JFK because of bullshit weather. Who would have thought that the weather on the East Coast would take Labor Day weekend so litterally – and end summer, prett much as soon as it passes. Arseholes.

Anyway – still having a massive affair with the big apple. makes my feet ache, and my bones shift slightly every time I come here from all the traipsing around town in inappropriate footwear – but I think that might be some of it’s charm.

Travel tips – from Lucy:

  1. When shopping – regard things with slight disdain.. you get more attention from the shop assistant – and if for no other reason, they might think you are famous (if with an accent) and that’s sort of funny.
  2. Go to local parties – you will be an instant hit, because you aren’t permanent. This is ego boosting (to the max)
  3. Don’t talk to guys in polo shirts on the train, they will be dickheads.
  4. Don’t go to the Guggenheim when the top 3 levels are closed – this means the spiral is completely closed. And the Guggenheim (no offense) is nothing with out the use of it’s circular staircase
  5. Don’t go to the theater in a wife beater and flip flops. This is inappropriate. But also, DON’T wear your best dress and fancy shoes – this would signify you have actually never been out in public before and perhaps are getting over the afraid of the outdoors disorder (you know the one – it’s level with that of hoarding)
  6. Try and save money for a taxi to the airport – taking the LIRR will only find you surrounded by drunk Long Island riff raff. This is not the last memory you want of glamor pants New York

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