New Sandra Kolstad video is Norwegian for scandal.


Sandra KolstadThere a few things I want to say, right out the box, after watching Sandra Kolstad’s video for Run Away (Where are We?)

  • Sandra Kolstad has a ripping bod.
  • Beige undies aren’t sexy.
  • The thought of getting on a bike without knickers on makes me uncomfortable.

I’m not sure this is the reaction I am supposed to have towards the video – because on the greater scale it’s telling the story of what it suggests in the title “Run(ning) Away”. But the thing is – I’m not really a video person. I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie, and I enjoy a video just as much as the next human – however the function of listening to music for me is generally performed while working, which makes watching semi-difficult.

It’s said to be a major scandal in Norway, which I find truly fascinating. I understand Denmark and Norway are absolutely not the same place, but I often feel like those Scandi regions have similar sort of values etc. (much like you would think of Australia/ New Zealand.) I remember being in Denmark – not being able to sleep at 2A, flicking on the tele, and finding every channel was either “off” or running porn.

There is literally nothing sexual about this video – unless you find tits and arse to be sexual, just because. However, let’s be honest – for the most part it’s all wrapped in beige under garments.

Which may well be the least sexy thing on the planet.



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