Music I found when stalking, sort of.


Was stalking an old lusts blog today. Which I feel semi dirty about, I mean – I shouldn’t stalk, it’s not healthy. But I was, it happened. The reason I admit to this is that he posted a song, which I am totally digging. And I am certain he doesn’t check my blog, so have no real problem admitting I was stalking.

You know, it probably wasn’t even stalking. I mean I used to check that shit all the time –

  1. I was obsessive
  2. he posted more often

Then I stopped checking, and he has really eased back on music posts (of which I think are releveant to me) so I just broke the habit. Much like quitting cigarettes. That is totally eff’ed that I am comparing old mate to ciggies, but liking people is much the same..

Anyway – he posted this song – “The Ballad” – New Look. It is just so delicious. It’s minimal nothing’ness of AMAZBALLS is just so fabulous it makes me so fucking EMO. gah – EMO the running theme of my life..

One of the greatest bits about it, is that it is just over 6 minutes. And that is awesome because you know when you get to the 3:50 mark of any song, you feel like it should be finishing.. With this one, you will it to continue, and CONTINUE IT DOES!

Have a quick listen, and thank Fuck, I’m a Hipster


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