There is something about Vegas that literally makes my skin crawl – however two things need to happen in this mirage of a city.

  1. You need to embrace it.
  2. You need constantly cheers it.

My view is that if you are constantly judging it and the people that partake in it’s activity – you will have a miserable time. And the only way to truly embrace a city you think is full of the worlds worst humans – is to drink.


The Bellagio Fountains – these are kind of epic, I mean in a really cliché tacky way. They spout to the beat of all sorts of music that is just really in the spirit of Las Vegas.

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign – you can’t head to Vegas and not snap a pick here. If you don’t – it’s like you were never there. Always document.

The Little White Chapel – Bring a nice dress and check it out. All sorts of famous people got hitched here, and all sorts of non-famous regretful sorts too. Vegas is famed for it’s shotgun weddings – rude not to get around that culture.

The World Largest Gift Shop – We didn’t head in there – but if you have a few days in Vegas – and honestly, you need no more than 72 hours, or else you will probably die – this place would kill a few hours of fun. Because really – who doesn’t need a gift every now and then.. And when you are sick of the suns rays – indoors is the place to be.

Go to Venice (the Venetians canals) – Take a gondola ride around Venice, in Las Vegas. Have I told you to embrace tacky yet?


The Cosmopolitan – Everyone says it’s the tits – and their bar is pretty epic. Which is ideal because you get free entry/ priority entry if you are a guest of the hotel/

The Venetian/ the Pallazo – They literally have the biggest rooms I have ever seen. So if you are heading with a few mates – you can squeeze at least 6-8 of you in one of these rooms, with ample space. Also, if you stay in the Venetian – you get the Gondola ride, complements of the house!


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