Need PEP! in your step, enter Bear Mountain.


“Two Step” is the first single off Bear Mountain’s next album, newest album, album that is coming up > and it’s making me pretty excited. I’m almost certain it’s all about the “heyyyyo” littered throughout. And maybe the “something is truly about to happen” beat.

In this set you’ll find on Soundcloud is also a remix of Germany Germany’s “Survive” – which is new on my ear drums, and something I’m fully prepared to endorse/ support (as always).

It’s a Friday – things you need on a Friday is a good wiggle in your seat. OR even a good wiggle on your feet. Getting right around these songs – will do that for you.

So in support of it being a Friday, and in support of every man, woman and child NEEDING a good wiggle on the last day of a work week.

Hit play, and thank me later. Mean-to the-while these are both FREE DOWNLOADS.. getonthat.


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