Naomi Pilgrim: Stop it – but really don’t, at all.


Naomi Pilgrim is at it again: she has a new track out, a concert in Berlin and (still) really cool hair. I’m 95% certain she was born with the locks, so this isn’t such a new development but really – DAT HAIR deserves a shout out.

It’s All Good is the latest and greatest from the old girl and it’s officially the anthem of any and all good pop loving honey badgers – of which I am one. It’s bright, it’s perky, and like-what ! it’s championing that message: we’ve all stopped giving a fuck (because it’s all good-ooohoohoohhohohoho-ood…You dick !).

My newest BFF is in Berlin tomorrow night, all the infos is found in that other blog post I did because I’m a fan-girl and I need to get my emotions in check.



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