MYSTERY POST // There is a total music theme this week, shameful.


“So I feel like we totally go through waves – last month, I feel like there was no music. Could be that I was super busy, and didnt really look around – could also be that there was no music, take your pick. But this month, well specifically this last week, there has been a theme.. ” – Lucy, Monday 4th October

So I totally started this post on Monday – then saved draft and forgot about it – and now, there is a music piece below, which I’m not even sure what it is. This is like lucky dip! I have a feeling it is Avey Tare // Lucky 1 – and that’s why the blurb about all the same sounding music, because really this last little bit has been all fancy and samsies. So – yay to surprises..? X

Post-posting note: I was right, it is Avey Tare. oh Snap!


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