My next 3 months of disastrous financials…as dictated by my ridiculous music addiction.


So – I am trying to do the impossible. I am trying to do SXSW (MAR16), Las Vegas (APR01), Coachella (APR16), and Australia (APR20) – all within 30’ish days of one another.. I haven’t started saving, well I did this week – but lets be real, this shit is expensive.

The first thing that comes up on “Events that will drag Lucy into Financial Despair” is SXSW – I can’t even figure out why I am so adamant I need to go to this – but I need to go. I need to go so I can write Dear Diary entries on the daily for you. I need to go so I can have a sensory overload and likely drop by Sunday. I need to go, so I can say I was with the band. I need to go, so I can have a complete and utter groupie experience – and then document it. I just need to go – because it is so epic, on a level I have never experienced before – it would be rude not to.

So we are working towards SXSW – I currently don’t have an airfare, have not booked/ organised anywhere to stay, and have absolutely no understanding as to how much money I will need to organise for this to be a successful long weekend away. Reasons for busting my arse, and entering poverty central for the next month and half – is for bands such as ANR, Active Child, Alex Winston, Azealia Banks.

We are starting at the A’s and friends, lovers and general fans – we are going to move through as many letters of the alphabet as humanly possible. I will be celebrating with the sensations of SXSW in Austin, TX. If this means I am living on cabbage and rice for the months that be February, March, and April…

So be it.


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