My new hair, yeah – we went “ombre”


Ok – so if any of you are friends with me on the Face, which I believe a lot of you are, you will be aware that on Friday I dyed my hair. Fucking love this dying my hair business, because I actually enjoy changing it out a bit. I am generally the person that gets the bob cut – when my hair is like mid way down my back. Just because I get bored.

Or I will be brown hair, and go super blond. I frequently did this as a kid. Generally how this worked was that I would go blond, then be too poor to maintain, so it would grow out – and I would then wait like 6 months, dye it packet brown – because I couldn’t afford a salon appointment – and THEN! go back to blond, always seemed drastic to my mates and those around me because we have short term memories, and forget I was actually rocking the blond about 9 months prior.

So – I got my hair done. Arrived at Edo (if you live in SF, it has a price tag – but is well worth it)- was offered a wine. It’s a Friday, I ain’t got shit to do… FILL ‘ER UP. Anyway – you don’t want the blow by blow of this experience, but that was nice for my Australian (read┬áalcoholic) heart.

Now, at the beginning of this adventure that is hair dying – I had decided that I was going to do the above look, but super drastic, like quite dark roots – with v blond tips (see Drew Barrymore for inspiration). I told my stylist (Marissa, complete doll) my ideas, and she sort of talked me out of it. Not in the sense that I was cray cray for wanting to do what I was doing. But because she thought it would be tooo two toned. AND – sometimes I think people think they know what is good for them, but should just listen to the professionals. Like people that self medicate/ self diagnose – you should just go to the doctor, because Web MD is not Med School – you are not qualified.

So, after 2 and a bit hours at Edo, 2 glasses of red later, 1 Nylon mag read – and quite a bit of gas bagging with M – I am now uber stylish, and a total babe with my subtle ombre locks. I am like totally obsessed with them, because as my mate Alice and I decided this morning over brunch, it actually makes me look pretty – a feat. I am not sure I have ever really achieved – as I don’t believe I am classically beautiful.

Now – lets not get me started on babe status’ etc. I am no ugly duckling, but you know I’m not a pretty person – I’m sassy. Those things are like – totally different. But with this hair, I am one of those pretty people – you probably want to:

  1. be friends with
  2. date
  3. buy a drink
  4. admire

And you know – that’s fine, because people don’t pay people good money to do their hair – for others to not be all over the aforementioned things. I think that if you know me – you might be bummed it’s not as BLOND as we were all hoping. But take a minute, and then realize…

If our hair were to battle, my hair would win.


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