My new bed spread.. swoooooing.


So it actually could be kind of not ok – but I just bought a new doona cover on Saturday – blue check. it’s is totally boy’ish – and my room now looks like what I would hope my future boyfriends room would look like.. Is that wrong – that I get a sick sense of satisfaction out of my room – because it looks like a boys room.. Like my bed – is not at all feminine..

It kind of looks like the above (Ace Hotel NYC) – and I love it.. All I need now is a grey throw for the bottom of the bed – and I am in boy bed heaven. Actually, I also want a cowhide rug for my floor.. but those are expensive, and I am stretched a bit thin currently.. So that might just wait, until one of two instances:

  1. For when I get back from Australia (May)
  2. As a reward for when/ if I move to Austin (EOY 2011)

I might even get myself one of those body pillows – which I have always been against, but it might just fulfill my current life. Frankly, I think I should just go find myself a more permanent male friend. Rather than the temporary ones – supported by a body pillow..

Makes more sense, I guess.


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