My co-worker’s sort of a creep.


So it turns out one of my co-workers takes photos at me at the office and photoshops them.. Yeah, if that’s not creepy – I’m not sure what is. And it’s not even the whole action of catching me when I don’t realise, and taking a photo – or the fact that he loads them onto his computer – AND then manipulates them into certain scenes – no that’s not the creepiest part. I mean it almost is – but the absolute kicker is that he skypes them around the office, to my other co-workers.. REALLY?

And, friends, I’m sort of certain it is not to the standard – and taste – of the one above (which I did – good isn’t it..!)

WAIT – and can I also mention – he has a wall semi dedicated to me.. quotes – cryptic photoshops, and the like.. hmmmm. Writing this – because I think if we spend this much time on me – then lover – you’re gonna read my blog.

So, Heyyyyyy there X


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