Music I’m not even quietly loving today (read: loudly loving)


FACT: Stuck in My Id by Reptar, is pretty spectacular. Seriously. I love the fact that I follow Vagrant Records via Soundcloud, they really do post some of the best stuff there.

First I have ever heard of Reptar, this could be for 2 reasons:

  1. I have slipped in this business of liking new and exciting music
  2. Their debut album is available Aug 2nd..

Thinking the later, but frankly the premier point really doesn’t help either. I feel like I have been rather pathetic with the music postings of late.. Is that because there hasn’t been much music, or is it because I just have been slipping…? Often when I have my real life to get to, I slip on the blog. It’s average, but when you just write about stuff for the fun of writing about it – it can get a little weird when your ACTUAL life gets exciting.

Blah – I have been doing this recently, rambling > about nothing in particular, my mates call this “blue shirt, white shoe laces” syndrome – I may be the only person who has it. It’s when you tell a story, with all the trimmings. I thought I had weaned off this a little, obvs not..

Have a quick listen to Reptar, and then get your swoon face on.. IMMED.


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