Music I found – in an online mag – which I had never heard of; this (my friends) is all one packet of AWESOME.


Ok – so I was muppeting around on the computer looking up things – I was actually looking at cool designing things, just to make myself aesthetically pleased with life in general (it has been pretty shitty weather in SF – a girl does what she can to feel glorious) ANYWAY – from one mag, I made it to another and then to another and then to finally rest at VNFOLD – now I had never heard of this online glory. what is it – where did it come from – how is it so effing cool. With it’s minimalist feel and romantic hallucinogenic photo feelings.. I was perplexed.

So – at this point, I figured any site that looked this cool, probably had good taste in music. SO – off I went – like the trooper I am, to the music section.. To find The Fruhstucks (apparently it means breakfast in German) – NOTORIOUS! ayayayaya. I mean. it’s just good. Good – sitting at my desk listening music. Good – driving in the car (if I had one) music. and like all good Spanish bands (take cue from El Guincho) they have all these saucy backgrounds of tits and arse – in a really nice 70’s feel surrounding all their materials.

Hit their bandcamp – and free download their EP. It’s lovely. Oh – and frequent VNFOLD – that site just makes you feel all sorts of cool.

OH OH OH – another cool thing – when asked about animals (in the VNFOLD article) they said:

Marry me? those animals are my people.. Seriously.

N.B After the fact – weird string of events and coincidence. I find myself friends (on Facebook) with the singer of the above mentioned band.

How. Cool. Am. I.


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