Music babies, equal music genius. Bombs, dropping them.


Super late – but good gracious, Jay Z/ Kanye’s offspring that is Otis, makes me melt. If Otis was a human and not a song, he would be that child prodigy; like when two really smart people did it, and then there was Einstein.. this is much the same, but with hip hop power houses.

Watch the Throne – is making me so god damn excited, I could almost vomit.. This is also exciting because I am going to Austin City Limits, and Kanye is playing there. Maybe Jay Z will come, and he will bring Bey-Bey. And then we will laugh, and party. And all marvel in how wickedly interesting we are (obvs. I will be invited to this shindig – because I bring international flavor to the table)

Swooning my doll face off, yum.


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