MS DOCKVILLE ’13: Poule d’Or’s Top 5


Hey guys, have you met Poule d’Or AKA Hendrik? You probably have. One because he runs a blog that tells you all about music that maybe you don’t know and would like to know more about. And two – because this one time in 2012 we (yes, we being: Lucy and Hendrik) jumped in a car and drove across the United States, without actually having ever met.

Contrary to the above picture, you will find Hendrik almost every week of the year bro’ing out with Hamburg. Because – do you wanna know a dirty little (German) secret – Hamburgers love to bro out with their city. Hear me: love-it. When he isn’t marveling at the wonders of a harbour, or the beauty of a Brücke (or 2) – you will most definitely find him eating a hamburger, without cheese, watching his beloved football team draw (HSV draws in football, a lot), memorising all the jokes from the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and having coffee and cake each Sunday… like – EVERY SUNDAY, because all good Germans eat coffee and cake on Sundays.

Here are some extra facts for you, because (1) I know these things, and (2) we should all come away learning. Hendrik once had long hair, and listened to Limp Bizkit, regularly… I think at the same time. Seems we all do come from humble, less cool beginnings – AKA the 90’s.

This year Nordic by Nature’s very own Steffi von Kannerman and Lucy vs. the Globe’s femme of sass (me, obviously) are off to Dockville. We are partnering up – not just with each other – but with the 25hours Hotel. Getting you all the good bits from the 2 day long musical extravaganza in Hamburg, the town famed for Fischbrötchen, prostitutes and that one time the Beatles visited.

As a result – I have asked some of our favourite Knödels to give us recommendations of their top 5 acts heading to Dockville festival. Say a firm and fast “guten Tag, Sahnehäuptchen” to Hendrik of Poule d’Or. Saving the best til last, this is your forth and final installment of “Our Top 4 Deutschers at Dockville“.

Get all over and in between them.

“There are some very obvious names on the Dockville’s line-up this year: HAIM, Crystal Fighters, Foals, Kakkmaddafakka, , MS MR, Rangleklods .. just to name a few.. splendid work by the bookers this year. Here are some of Team Poule’s picks that fly under the radar”

– Hendrik, Poule d’Or

Sort of house, sort of just chilly and nice to listen to. Got a great release out on Hamburg’s Audiolith earlier this year.

Hei & Lej
Possibly Hamburg’s best DJ duo. Hei is also the mastermind behind electro/ambient project Kirrin Island who released a great debut album titled Cassette this year. Definitely one of Team Poule’s highlights at Dockville this year.

Parasite Single
Another great german group in the line-up. The duo sports a very sophisticated setup on stage with massive drums, a vast electronic kit and the ur-deutsch Glockenspiel. This worked great at their shows, much more forward and lively than their recorded material. Should be amazing under the clear sky.

Electric Ocean People
Minimal post-pop, almost orchestral sound. Currently working on their second album, their debut Belly Of A Whale came out a year ago. One of those bands whose true potential can’t really be recorded, gotta see them on a stage.


The duo based in Cologne is already looking back at quite a successful year 2013. Having played numerous gigs around the globe, including the prestigious SXSW in Texas. Driving electro-pop with sort of a natural almost folk feeling underneath, backed with an impressive visual set. Got a great album out on Berlin’s Humming Records.



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