Again, again, again! Internet – HAVE YOU MET SIMONE!? I’m pretty sure you have, you just don’t know it, yet. Simone runs PASSIØN PARTY, a music blog based outta Nuremberg focusing itself on indie, synthie-pop and electronic flavoured beats – so mostly all the stuff you know and love. With daily posts, a monthly mixtape and an Art History degree to finish – home girl is busaaaaaaay.

When she isn’t bro’ing out with the Internet, or at University (so much multi-tasking is going on among this group) she is probably baking ginger bread houses, hunting through thrift stores for a pair of aztec’ish shorts to match her vast array of printed shirts and learning all the words to R.Kelly’s Real Talk – because it’s possibly all the vocab one will ever need.

This year Nordic by Nature’s very own Steffi von Kannerman and Lucy vs. the Globe’s femme of sass (me, obviously) are off to Dockville. We are partnering up – not just with each other – but with the 25 hours Hotel. Getting you all the good bits from the 2 day long musical extravaganza in Hamburg, the town famed for Fischbrötchen, prostitutes and that one time the Beatles visited.

As a result – I have asked some of our favourite Knödels to give us recommendations of their top 5 acts heading to Dockville festival. Say a firm and fast “guten Tag, Zaubermaus” to Simone of PASSIØN PARTY. This is your 2nd installment of “Our Top 4 Deutschers at Dockville“.

Get all over and in between them.

Best Scandinavian export so far (and there are a lot of really good Scandinavian acts nowadays) – holla holla, I think we all can agree that this girl is rad and I’m dying to see her live (finally!) since I missed her last gig in Berlin.

In speaking of exports: here comes Canada’s hottest export! I’m totally in love with Stelmanis voice and Postepskis drumming skills. ‘Feel It Break’ is one of my all time favourites and after seeing them 3 times so far (always a blast!) I’m curious how ‘Olympia’ sounds on stage. Ear + eye candy for sure.

Lucy is addicted to the charismatic duo and I’m SO ready to get under their charm as well.

Cata Pirata and her boys are party animals on stage. Even in a small club (with just a few guests) months ago they managed to tear down the stage and get everyone on their dancing feet (even me, and I usually prefer to dance with a bottle of beer instead of shaking hips)

This Manchester based producer made excellent remixes so far and some nice tracks on his own in collaboration with different artists. I’m sure he’ll provide the Dockville crowd with some terrific beats.



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