MS DOCKVILLE ’13: Humming Records & Verstärker’s Top 5


Say Hallo to Vivien. Have you met her yet? Probably not, but you are about to. The question here is WHAT DOESN’T VIVIEN DO!? By day homegirl has TWO jobs – that are equally heavy. Her first gig is for Humming Records where she works together for and with the Internet to bring you acts such as: Josef Salvat, Bravestation, Glitches and like, all these other international flavours. For the rest of the time, you will find her being the “head” of online PR over at Verstärker – taking care of of all things digital for all of the Memphis Industries, Ninja Tune and Full Time Hobby record releases in Germany.

Just quickly, Germany – can we stop being such a bunch of over-achievers?

When she isn’t high-fiving the Internet and making Bloggers emails around Deutschland rain with mails about new-underground musical flavour – she is probably curating gifs all over the world wide web, choreographing a really 2013 dance routine for Missy Elliott’s Work It and making sure all the lights are turned off in the house – because no good German ever wants to waste energy.

This year Nordic by Nature’s very own Steffi von Kannerman and Lucy vs. the Globe’s femme of sass (me, obviously) are off to Dockville. We are partnering up – not just with each other – but with the 25hours Hotel in Hamburg. Getting you all the good bits from the 2 day long musical extravaganza in Hamburg, the town famed for Fischbrötchen, prostitutes and that one time the Beatles visited.

As a result – I have asked some of our favourite Knödels to give us recommendations of their top 5 acts heading to Dockville festival. Say a firm and fast “Hallo, Honigbienchen” to Vivien of Humming Records and Verstärker. This is your 3rd installment of “Our Top 4 Deutschers at Dockville“.

Get all over and in between them.



I admire Channy Leaneagh as an artist and a woman. And her three boys (two drummers!) are sweethearts, too. She’s so friendly and lovely and a bit shy offstage but turns into this very focused, mesmerising other person onstage. I’ve watched them live twice now and it’s been super great to see how they developed and how Channy’s performance has gotten even stronger. I also like how all of them are involved in and supporting other musicaI projects in Minneapolis (check out Marijuana Deathsquads, they are rad!). I won’t miss that show and hope they’ll play some new tunes.


Basically a no-brainer since I wanted to see them since “Forever” (ha!). I’ve listened to their EP that much my friends, colleagues & flatmates started complaining. They were supposed to play Dockville last year but had to cancel so this year there’s no excuse. I wanna check out 3 gorgeous sisters, awesome hair and these cheeky popsongs where you can’t help yourself but have to perform ridiculous choreographies to.


I’m a bit afraid of his show at Dockville because I was lucky enough to see him on a roof in Austin at SXSW with people going crazy, jumping and dancing on stage, totally celebrating his set. Of course the whole scenery and just being there was overwhelming, but in my mind, you simply can – not – top – that! Nevertheless I’m more than willing to be surprised. You go, Marcel, you go!


If you can just sit there when “Summer” or “All These Things” comes on then I don’t know what is wrong with you. Seriously! I’d like to cruise through the city on my bike and pretend it’s L.A. or something. So excited to see him. Mmoths – first m is silent.


I am so sorry but I have to mention them. They are like teeny tiny kittens to me – you don’t want to give them away but you need to share their pictures, videos and the sounds they are making with everyone you meet. Please watch their show and come and say hi afterwards! You can’t miss them: they are all very beautiful, Julian is freakishly tall, Azhar will hopefully be wearing his flukey sweater & Johannes, their live drummer, is just super cool. Oh and their music is awesome. Big love³!



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