MS DOCKVILLE ’14: Lucy’s top 10


We are off to Dockville again this year ! YA ! Yes, I’m a sucker for finacial punishment, but who could say no, ya know? For those that are unaware, Dockville is pretty much a month long celebration of the Arts. Bringing art to an open forum, artists come together – they are creative and provide somewhat of an open air gallery to the masses.

This all comes to a head over the 15-17 August with some live music, drinks and probably a lot of mud – as shit’s held in a slightly underdeveloped area of Hamburg – and God only knows Hamburg isn’t exactly blessed with the best weather. It’ll be like Germany’s answer to Glastonbury..! – with less people, more interesting bands and probably a more civilised vibe. So nothing like Glastonbury – except for the mud.

This year I’ve decided to throw together the acts I’m most looking forward to (below, with set times !). If you are there, that’s where you’ll find me. Otherwise, I’ll likely be roaming the field beer in both hands. Prost !


JUNGLE | Grossscho 17:20 – 18:00
You’re feeling tropical? The summer vibes have reached their peak at this stage and you are like – WHAT HAPPENS NOW? Jungle does, really. They have a new video out, a new album out, a new everything – and you wanna be right there. Pity it’s on Friday at 17:20, because it’s Friday at 17:20 and I will still be in Berlin – at my day job. Not-fun-at-all. Maybe not such a pity if I lived in Hamburg/ had a flex schedule – but you win some you lose some. GET AT JUNGLE.

RYAN HEMSWORTH | Klüse 21:40 – 22:40
Ryan Hemsworth is the only person Bron and I will channel when we manage a “DJ” set. Which we have done once – but that doesn’t make this any less of a statement. Maybe if I were to catch the great man live I would be propelled into Disc Jockey legitimacy. YEs – this notion is ridiculous, but with a good bit of hip hop/ electronic vibes – you can’t fault it.

CASHMERE CAT | Klüse 22:50 – 00:20
The vibes I get out of Cashmere Cat are mostly those uncontrollable sort of feels you get when you step on an escalator that isn’t working. You know – you project forward to compensate for the escalator movement, but it never comes? That’s me and this guy. Like all good musical things, this one hails from Scandinavia. Hej mate.

PIONAL | Klüse 00:45 – 01:35
I’m channeling the great lady (Bron) here with some disco classic. Not that I can’t get around the disco, but it’s not my normal avenue of vibey. I’m actually super excited to see Pional, which is maybe a bit of a new thing for me – but there is something about the open air and those ticky ticky techno noises that is cause for celebration.


BRETON | Vorschot 18:10 – 19:00
A “Lucy and Bron favourite” since way back. I will be heavily checking into any and everything Breton this Saturday. There is something totally magical about the dancey British feeling anthems that come from these boys straight outta Lahndon which sets my heart a flutter. That, and Bron and I actually got a shout out in their last album – because we are that influential. Never forget it.

YUNG LEAN & SAD BOYS | Maschineraum 20:10 – 21:00
You’re all – fuck the noise, all I want is some sweet sweet Swedish hip hop. Then you aren’t alone/ won’t be disappointed. Yung Lean + entourage is all up on Dockvilles grill and we are all up on theirs. Clever Scandinavians getting around hip hop is totally cheeky, and we love it – probably because those Nordic types are so neat and tidy and then whomp low and sexy. I will never be these things, simulatiously – this makes me upsad.

KAYTRANADA | Klüse 22:30 – 0:00
You’re off to Dockville and you wanna get those disco feels? Kaytranada is the answer.. Seriously – I’m 95% certain I will be front and center for old Canadian mate, arms in the air like I don’t even give a FUCK. So find me – because god only know I love a good spin/ high five/ dance off (with the right amount of liquor).

SHLOHMO | Maschineraum 00:30 – 01:30
I have so much time for Shlohmo. This track was very much my anthem of the last 12 months, and it probably still is. Being the right amount of sexy and dangerous, I get the feeling if you are going to or want to be locking lips/ getting dangerously close with strangers – Shlohmo is your ticket, your sexy/romantic ticket.


CHET FAKER | Machineraum 19:00 – 20:00
Don’t fuck around people – end your weekend of Hamburger decadence with something equally as sizzling. Chet fucking Faker. There are all the right vibes here to put us in good stead for the musical smorgasbord we have ahead of us on the last day at this festival by a port. Hailing from Australia – it’d be rude not to get around a fellow countryman.

NILS FRAHM | Vorschot 19:30 – 20:30
Nils Frahm will be delicious. I mean – I get the feeling Germans are a bit sick of old mate, but for me this is one of the bigger moments I will be really upsad to miss. Shame it’s slotted in midway of Chet Faker – that said, if this is the biggest battle of your week, then you can’t really be complaining.

FLUME | Machineraum 20:30 – 21:30
There is literally nothing better than pairing Australians and that is what we are doing here. Back to back (almost) type stuff. On the Machineraum stage we have Faker followed by Flume. This is no coincidence. This slot of the two great men side by side is going to lead to something “Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie” special. If you miss this one – you’re an idiot.


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