Morning Perfection.. posted in the evening..?


Ok so this is one of those moments where I have to tell a shitty story to get to the real story about the video above – so brace thy self. Shit’s going to get weird.
Today I started back at Boot Camp – after a year away – but I am happy to report, I can run 1.5 miles in 12 mins (I dont know if that is fast or slow – but that’s what’s up) I can do 40 girly push ups AND 52 sit ups in a minute. Go on then Miss Jasper.

Anyway – after all that exercise – I ran home as I had a MASSIVE DAY at work and needed to shower, pick clothes for the day, take my laundry to the wash and fold, get a coffee and get on the TRAIN – SO – as I said – while I ran home, Radiohead came on the Pandora (like that the Pandora – sounds official right..?) And – I’m going to say it, there is something just wonderfully magic about Radiohead – which I always seem to forget about.

So hit play (above) and just give it up.If it doesn’t make your insides cry while caterpillars turn to butterflies from gold silk and then into unicorns that fart gold (that’s pretty fucking magic) – I don’t know what will, you cold/ hollow individual.

Only downer then was that Cold Play came on a few songs after..Totally bummed me out apres shower, picking clothes, taking laundry, getting coffee – and while walking to the train.


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