MONDAY! of the excited VAR-I-E-TY


There is something just so wonderful about music that can easily transport you back to the 80’s. Now – let’s be honest, I was a baby in the 80’s. I don’t remember much music – but I have watched the Breakfast Club, I was into 16 Candles – did it have Molly Ringwald in it? Yeah – I probably rented it, on VHS.

So when I hear this song by Yung Life, it kind of takes me back to the 90’s when I watched 80’s movies. And I kind of love it. I’m sort of in love with that whole bit of feeling like the babes again. Even though I firmly believe being at school was actually the worst time of my life – it was still kind of epic. With no real worries and weekends filled with coca cola’s and movie nights, I guess it doesn’t get much better.

Hit play and let Breaker take you to a PG 13+ life.



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