WIN TICKETS: momentum #2 mit Dauwd, Seams, Sly-Fly und… YOU!


momentum #2 mit Dauwd, Seams & Sly-Flymomentum #2 is upon us – and with such a fun momentum #1, how could you actually turn your nose up at this shit. We again have free tickets, so here is your spiel on the artists, and then we have the details/ rules for getting around a free ticket or two. Keep up players.

DAUWD is the exact reason I can never go to gigs on a Thursday – shit screams next level. It’s every moment of a night out I have ever had in Berlin where I’m all like, “meh-techno” and then suddenly there is a big old beat that takes me right back to my disco days – enter a whole lot of fist pumping, love and everything else that I almost immediately regret the next morning.

From there we intro Seams, with his wonderful Four Tet vibe; I could quite easily melt into this shit and never come out. You know when it’s not about the disco but more about the listening. That’s what Seams is. Not that there isn’t head and body movement – but it’s not thrashing around like a (soon to be) dead fish to big whooping beats and hard edges. It’s “elegant” as you Germans would say – and frankly – don’t we all want elegant?

Sly-Fly is kind of a different story – as I have heard very little of old mate. This might be because it is two already established dudes (Georg Hekt and Parallel Concept) having a disco-go together – BUT I’ll tell you what I’m feeling from the music I have heard..? The tropics, but the tropics where the day starts and ends with a cocktail… on a boat. You know those days, where it’s like you have nothing to do but sit lounge and have another drink. That’s what this is for me. It’s the pre-game to a big night – in an outdoor venue where the heat is persistant, the sun rises near a body of water – and everyone “whoops” on queue.

With all this said – we have tickets to give away. Go on with our good-selves. To be honest, I really have no idea what the cost is of the tickets – all I know is that if you don’t get them through us – you can “get them on the door!” – so who knows if this is a banging deal to win (we think they are 10€ – because historically that’s correct, but we can’t be sure).

How do we enter this one? Simple. Comment in the section below, before Thursday 12P, with your answer to….

What is your favourite early 2000’s dance track, and why? 

Mine is Armand Van Helden – You Don’t Even Know Mebecause doesn’t it make you want to…. big fish little fish cardboard-box?

All details of the event can be found on the Facebook event page, but just in case this is all too hard, here’s the skinny.

DATE: 23 MAY 2013
DOORS: 21:00 (that’s 9PM for all that can’t read a 24hr clock)


You have until 12P Thursday, 23rd May to enter this and if all else fails – get your tickets at the venue. We are now in the days where summer is upon us, and we should all be getting around that with a clever drinking vibe, or six.

Enter the comp – and (regardless) see you on Thursday. X



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