Modig is new, and disco.


ModigOh it’s almost the weekend and I’m getting all those clever disco vibes everywhere I look. EVERY-WHERE-I-LOOK.

Tomorrow evening I’m off to watch SOHN at Prince Charles, and in light of this I started out on the research trail. Enter old mate Modig (who’s supporting SOHN for tomorrow evenings gig.)

The sound? Well.. We know I’m not very good at this, but what I have deducted:

  1. A bit like Pantha Du Prince, but less ding ding.
  2. Similar to Apparat, but remove the big sound movements.
  3. Dark vibes with all sorts of layers, over layers.
  4. Shit’s simple, and not in the less intelligent sense.

You mate Bron has already told you that you should be heading to this gig. So if that, plus this isn’t reason enough – I can’t help you.

Stop being disobedient.

The image was taken by Kim Bode, incase that’s a thing you wanted to know


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