Mens Summer Kit, necessities

  1. J Crew t-shirt: I’m sorry – but there is nothing better than a guy in a plain tshirt.. it could be white, dark grey, light grey, black, navy – frankly – don’t give a shit. Just don’t have prints and keep it form fitting. Any brand will often do, but you will snag the best babes if it feels soft as a babies arse. So pay the money > shop at the Crew/ or for you AU’ers Nique does some pretty sick plains.
  2. Rayban sunglasses: Old but always delicious. I can’t stand a guy in rude sunnies – it kind of reminds me of festivals with neon t shirts and too much chewing gum. Get it together people, classic is what is up. The Clubmasters in tortoise from Raybans are firm favorites > and if you need to rude it up a bit, you can get them colored.. on the inside!
  3. (in the..) Navy shorts: So these look totally too short, but I almost think they are kind of a nice answer to swim trunks – maybe I’m weird. But if you aren’t enormous (built boys these are not for you, do you read me > don’t even think about it) then you could rock these sort of tight, with white t shirt, flip flops > whip your shirt off – go for a swim, it’s très cool, très facile, très babe.
  4. J Crew shirt: I am kind of loving a chambray shirt, and I am totally digging short sleeves this summer. Not that I am the oracle on all that is cool for the male species, but I seriously love these – I also sort of think you could dress up with a bow tie (another dress up obsession of mine) some skinny’ish jeans/ pants, high tops and you are away. Chambray shirt > get at it.
  5. J Crew shorts: These are rude, well – the color is rude. I am not sure how I feel about the rude color unless you are dark. If you are fair (like myself) then you need to go for navy. always above the knee, by about an inch – maybe 2, pending: your height/ weight ratio.
  6. Check shirt – weathered looking: A check shirt is just good to have, especially when weathered looking. Makes you look like you aren’t trying, but YOU ARE trying enough to look amaze. This one is J Crew – but frankly, you could get at a second hand store, just make sure it fits and doesn’t have holes. Dirty hipster is not ideal.
  7. Panama hat: The greatest male babes are always sun smart. No one wants to look like a weather hand bag at 60, even if that is all you are to your other half. So hat up. I personally love the Panama hat, because it folds up without losing it’s shape (if you spend good money on it) and it sort of feels Colombian drug lord’esque – with out the danger. YESYESYES.
  8. Hightops: Fuck pointy leather numbers, get the high-tops. I think guys can wear anything, if you rock enough confidence with the rest of your wear. I’m all about the fancy hightops with suits. Don a pair; even if it’s just with jeans – there is something designer chic about them. Will make you 75% more validated than what you were before.
  9. Book Bag: things in pockets is kind of shitty. Unless you have a parker or something and you can’t tell you have things in pockets.. Get me? No one wants to see lumpy keys one side, big wallet on the back side. The upside of a book bag is that maybe you will carry an actual book; guys that read = better than guys that don’t read. Flaunt your smarts, even if you are fibbing.
  10. Havianas: For the beach. Don’t get those hemp looking flip flops > they are not cool. Don’t try and style the flip flop > get the OG version. And move on.
  11. Vilebrequin Shorts: I sort of love rude shorts at the beach. But only at the beach. So these ones are the best. You can get ones from Vilebrequin that change color when hit by water, and there are heaps and heaps of styles/ colors > so… sort of amazing for matching all the moods.

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