MELT! FESTIVAL 2015: Bron and Lucy’s Two Part Top 10 !


Things that are happening this weekend? Melt! Festival! And damn are we excited. An amazing setting, a short and schön journey from Berlin, a vibey crowd, what looks set to be 3 perfect summer days AND a line-up that is also nothing short of bananas, with a delicious mix of some of the best electronic artists currently going around, chilled pop vibes, German faves, indie flavours and well, Kylie.

As is now tradition, we’re getting into das Mood with our top 10 (ish) artists that we’re looking forward to catching this weekend. And if you’re going – holler! We’d love to meet you for a beverage/dance. We broke this one down into a two part series, if you wanna catch the first part, check it here.

You’ll find our running order below. Each of them are either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE.

See you soon, Ferropolis.


JON HOPKINSBron loves it!

While it’s likely most festival-goers caught Jon at some point last festival season, our feeling is you can never have too much Jon, and a set on Melt!’s mainstage is about as good as a live dose of his melodic thang will get. Likely an extension of last season’s Immunity show, we’re also looking forward to hearing last year’s EP Asleep Versions out in the open, laying down a blanket of feels on what should be a balmy summer’s night. This is your emotional rave pick of the weekend.

Mainstage | 02:00 – 03:00

THE BUGBron loves it!

Bringing London sound-system culture to Ferropolis, The Bug is really not to be missed with a blend of grime, hip-hop and ein bisschen dancehall that is a) delicious and b) not heard enough in these parts. I was lucky enough to catch him lift the roof off Berghain last year with a show featuring material mostly from 2014’s Angels & Devils, and his debut, London Zoo, and haven’t quite recovered since. I’ve really never seen madness quite like it. Our main issue here is that this set clashes directly with Jon Hopkins which is a real bitch for planning. Our thought? Do a 50/50 split (moving between stages is actually really do-able) or go with whoever you haven’t seen before, or have seen less. Embrace the festival smorgasboard and branch out.

Desperados Melt! Selektor | 02:00 – 03:00


This right here is your techno fix at it’s finest, and it will be happening as the sun rises over Melt!’s lakeside Melt!selektor stage on Sonntag morgen. BITTE SCHÖN. The DE duo of Marco and Dario Zenker – who are equally as awesome as solo DJs – do a ridiculously punchy and addictive DJ thang, and we’re looking forward to seeing in the new day with two hours of stomping glory.

Desperados Melt! Selektor | 03:15 – 05:15


AURORALucy loves it!

Three words – Norwegian Pocket Rocket. Aurora is an under-age sensation that I cannot get over, really. I think she is about 17, with chops of a seasoned pro and a stage presence that rivals most rock stars. Keen as mustard to catch the ‘old’ girl in action (y) and you should be too, if only for a fleeting moment on the way to something else.

SONNTAG | Intro Tent | 22:00 – 23:00

SLEEPLESS FLOOR – as a whole SAT/SUND – Bron loves it! (Like really, really loves it)

I (Bron) found it too difficult to separate the incredible line-up on offer at my favourite stage this year, so we’re big-upping this one as a whole. From 07:00am Saturday fans of the electronic-music side of Melt!’s line-up will be spoilt, with Job Jobse, Steffen Bennemann and The Black Madonna taking care of that day. We’re not making this up. Moving into Sunday, catch Palms Trax, Massimiliano Pagliara (sunset set, read: vibes) and the traditional Melt! 02:00 – 06:00 set from the festival’s much-loved Ellen Allien. Special shout out to whoever curated this stage this year – you’ve outdone yourself.

SAMSTAG / SONNTAG | The Sleepless Floor | non-stop

There’s also a shit load more on, to check out the full line-up and running order, head here.



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