MELT 2013: Meet Bron.


As you all know, Bron and I are off to Melt! And I realised you don’t even knowwww Bron. I mean, you do – she manages your weekly techno endevours. But do you even really know anything? No. So here’s some hard and fast facts about the great lady herself.


1. Bron likes techno, more than the normal human – You know this, I know this, I feel like everyone on earth knows this. Bron and techno are synonymous. And it’s not just for the nights out, Bron eats techno for breakfast. She listens to it while she runs, while she bike rides, while she performs life admin. Bron + Techno = a thing.

2. Bron is Australian – It’s not that I only go looking for Australian friends in different countries, it’s just that it happened this way. Bron is a crikey Dingo pop a shrimp on the barbie, and she is also from one of the most idyllic spots in Victoria – the place where wine meets the beach… AKA – my personal heaven.

3. Bron is nicer than you, probably – Bron is the Will Saul of humans (Will Saul is actually the nicest DJ on the planet earth), she will bake you a cake for your birthday, then make you a card, THEN make herself sick with stress that she didn’t get time to photoshop your head onto Condoleezza Rice (or something similar) to throw on your Facebook wall. You cannot match her nice.. It’s exhausting for me as I don’t care about anyone – but the BEST on the 23rd of September (my birthday – calendar)

4. Bron can’t eat Gluten – This is largely annoying when cooking a pasta dinner, or sharing a beer. Wait… Less annoying when sharing a beer, as you don’t have to share – HAZZAR.

5. Bron is single, and good with that – Unlike me, who is terrible with that. Which also leads us back to point three, her being nicer than you. She likes her friends, with our without a part time boyfriend.

Now that we feel like we know each other, don’t be a stranger. If you see old mate running around Melt! with disco sticks in one hand and a drink in the other, say hey mate. Then go get down with us to one of our top 5 acts at Melt! We will be causing mischief.

And we hardly ever discriminate.



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