MELT 2013: Bron and Lucy’s Top 5, in no specific order.


In the event you don’t know anything about anything – Bron and I decided it might be good to simply put together a quick list of our top 5 at Melt! each. Considering we both have pretty varying music taste – we thought this’d be a pretty cool girl thing to do.

FEELING DISCO? Here’s Bron’s go-to group.

  • ATOMS FOR PEACE – Thom Yorke’s super group, can we call them a super group. I just wanna see if all their hype is.. justified?
  • DJ KOZE – quite possibly the one I’m most excited about? His album literally blew my mind, so all signs are pointing to this being the festival highlight.
  • THE KNIFE – I managed to see them earlier this year so I could go either way, but as far as recommendations go – it’s your chance to see them doing their wacky choreographed dance extravaganza. Probably shouldn’t be missed.
  • JAMES HOLDEN – the man, the master. 7 years between albums. I’ve never seem him. I’m excited.
  • ELLEN ALLIEN on Sunday night on the Sleepless Floor – it’s a Melt tradition. A genuine test in stamina. There’s nothing else on, you’ve still got the drive.


  • MS MR – I fucking love Lizzy. I don’t know there is much more to say on this. Femme has pipes – stage presence – and some delicious tracks. I’ve dragged Bron to two of their gigs in the last year, and she’s come out a believer.
  • PURITY RING – These guys do a pretty neat live show. They have some dreamy props, and their music is something that works for all sorts of vibes. It’s not hot fresh out the oven, but it is a little bit joy.
  • FRIENDS – Facebook friends, and we’ve never met. If booze together doesn’t happen – the very least I can do is watch their set time. Also they put a pretty sleek new song today, and that was cool.
  • DJ KOZE – I, out of character, fucking love old mate. It is for certain I will be experiencing some out body experience, disco sticks in hand bumping up against anyone and everyone that will have a bar of it at DJ Koze. Quote me on it, then come find me.
  • MOUNT KIMBIE – Ok, so this is maybe disco of me(?) But I really wanna see Mount Kimbie. Bron thinks they would be boring in real life. I’m open to be impressed/ disappointed.

Ok, thank you, and good bye.



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