Mayer Hawthorne.. (sigh)


I have the maddest obsession with him – it makes nervous. like school girl nervous. Oh, to be school girl nervous – I wonder if that happens as you get older. I dont think I have felt like a school girl – since I was a school girl..

Something about walking into the dining room (I went to boarding school, we had a dining room) – around all the tables and the boys being less than obvious at staring, if they liked someone. But that could
have just been in my obsessive little 15-17 year old brain, thinking that someone was staring at me, when in fact they weren’t. But it made me feel like butterflies – so who cares. A girl can dream.

Any way – Mayer Hawtorne, makes me feel like a school girl. Just like drinking vodka soda automatically makes me a teenager, as opposed to drinking G+T’s, which (according to a friend) makes me more of an adult. The problem is, I dont want a G+T, I want a vodka soda – So let me be a teenager, and let me obsessively crush on Mayer Hawthorne; even if we will never met – it’s nice to feel young again (or at least younger)


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