Maybe it’s old – but I DON’T EVEN CAREEEEE


Ok – so yesterday I was prompted to download Poule d’Or #1 > I hadn’t done this. I might have #4-8 on my comp, but that might also be a stretch as I really only got on that bandwagon at around #6. BLAH – I downloaded #1, few things:

  1. It’s good – you should download.
  2. Like it still feels now – #nice.
  3. NY Fan is right there – and she is delicious.

I am slightly confused by NY Fan for one reason, and one reason only. She looks European – her bandcamp says she is from Melbourne (my fair city), and everywhere else says she is Dutch. That right there – is what you call a Carmen Sandiego.

RAH RAH RAH – heard the song Friday Night? No? Me either. Yes? Well listen again, because it’s kind of dirty and reminds me of an urban wonderland.

Words – throwing them down.


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