Male Obsession.


Yeah, I get it – maybe I’m a total girl. But I have the biggest tween-crush on Cory Monteith. Let’s face it – I have a tween-crush on everyone in Glee. Okay – so another moment of honesty – you could be deathly ugly, and I would still dig you.. If you could sing. It’s a weakness – we are working on it..

Just for those that don’t know, a tween crush is like those crushes where you line up to get tickets to Twilight months before the movie is out – in tents, on the side walk – with battles between team Edward and Jacob. No one is above the age of 16 – understand a little older than a tween, but for the sake of this example, lets go with it – and they all think that Edward will marry, bite, turn, and have sex with them. Because he is real. Obviously.

So Cory, Obsession. Love of the life, of which I am a fictional character – We go back to High School, join Glee and meet; we sing (I’m about 20lbs lighter and have the ability to sing) and dance together, while people watch on and braid each others hair in the sunlight. It is charming – no?

Cory Monteith, Marry ME!


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