Lykke – twice in one week.. Stop it, you make me swoooon.


Ok – so Lykke’s latest vid for I Follow Rivers.. So effing major. Again, again, again – the Swedes are fucking epic. I love her. watching this video – don’t you think you can feel the struggle to run/ briskly walk in the snow in heels – I know that I can feel it.. I think it might be the shakey camera that is really doing it for me – but I think it’s beautiful. I never use such adjectives – because frankly I never think it. But this is fabulous. Truly.

On a side note – her hair is pretty fab also. I believe they call that ombre hair – I am getting mine done – just like that in the coming weeks. adn I’m excited.

Now – go on, and watch this video – it truly is pretty stunning.. Conjuring up all sorts of things.

That are necessary for a successful Thursday.


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