Lucy vs. Torstraße: Phia


Round 4 of our Lucy vs. Torstraße series – it’s almost over, HANG IN THERE! Today we are meeting Phia. HI PHIA! I just about die looking at this photo of old mate. It perfectly captures how I feel during the warmer months around the canals. Dreamy, pretty, magical and just fabulously content. It’s probably not a bad way to describe Phia’s musical style also. So – let’s get to the dot points, I know you are holding out for them.

  • Phia is Australian – notes for alles: this is where all good femmes come from, remember this… Always.
  • She plays a funny little instrument which is called a Kalimba.. This is like a thumb piano – possible the most obscure instrument I have ever encountered.
  • The Kalimba she plays adds to this dreamy, magical sound homegirl has going on.
  • She has done some sessions for Berlin Sessions – which gives you a really great taste of what should be expected.
  • Phia has what I would say is a nice Australian accent, unlike my own..(!)

When old mate isn’t doing impromptu performances along the canals of Neukölln she is probably trying to master how to say “nicht” (this is really hard), styling her fringe to perfection or simply throwing a shrimp on the barbie, because that is exactly what Australians do in their spare time, always.

This year Phia is playing Torstraßen Festival – so I threw a handful of questions at her. For those that don’t know me, let’s be perfectly clear – I don’t ask hard hitting questions about music.. This is mainly because (technically) I don’t know the first thing about it. I like what I like – and then wonder…. “Who do you reckon their spirit animal is? I’m pretty sure mine is this flamingo.”

So without any further carry on – let’s meet Phia, the fourth of 6 in what we lovingly call “Lucy vs. Torstraße”.

Hit it.

You are an area of Berlin, what are you – why? – I’m everywhere outside the ring-bahn – mostly because I’m trashy, and people secretly like it.
I am inner Neukölln – close to the action but far out enough to escape it when necessary.

If you could meet any Berliner ever to have graced this fair city, who would you meet/ why?
My family who lived here pre-WWII. I would have loved to have seen Berlin then, when my grandfather lived here as a child. I have a feeling I would recognise very little of the city he lived in.

You are in Berlin, where do I meet dudes?
The local späti on Weserstraße always seems to be overflowing with guys on the weekend. As in you can literally fall over them sitting on the street outside. But I’m not sure I’d recommend it!

You can only drink water and one other drink for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. What’s the other drink?
Juice or milk. I’m a simple girl at heart! Those two drinks are just so satisfying, you know?

What is the last thing you ate?
A burger at the gig I played this afternoon. And it was pretty good!

Would you prefer to battle 100 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck? – Discuss.
That is quite an image. I guess 100 duck sized horses because they would actually be super cute. They wouldn’t want to battle, they would want to play. A horse sized duck is a pretty terrifying prospect actually. The size of the beak!

It’s a Sunday in Berlin, what are you doing? – because you definitely aren’t doing the food shopping.
Oh man I still get caught out sometimes by that. A leisurely brunch or hanging in the park with friends is what I like to do on Sundays, but often it’s another day of work, good or bad, sometimes rehearsing or recording, or emails. Weekends can seem a bit meaningless when you don’t have a 9-5 job. But I’m trying to change that! There is definitely always a sleep in as Saturday night is either a gig or going out. So there’s that.

Who is your spirit animal? I think mine might be this flamingo.
Maybe this little guy. I do love a good cuddle.

What’s your dirty little musical secret?
I have a penchant for hip-hop, like Snoop Dogg. He’s so great. There is so much misogyny in that genre of music though, so I feel a little bit of guilt about it. But the beats just feel so good.

Tell us something you deem relevant.
You can download a FREE song here. BAM.


***Photo credit goes to Zoë Noble


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