Lucy vs. Torstraße: Millennium


Y’all ready for this, pyow pyow pyow. Here we find ourselves at Round 5 of our Lucy vs. Torstraße series – with only 2 final acts to go, August 31st is just around the corner. Today we are meeting Millennium. Don’t be fooled by their corporate vibe – they really just like a crisp suit and clever bit of business branding.

Let’s get to the dot points, I know you are holding out for them.

  • Millennium give you 3 free tracks through their “Start-Up-Kit” – which is wicked, because who doesn’t like free music.
  • Old mates have the best website going around, it somehow elicits nostalgia and a sense of daggy-cool – which to be honest doesn’t often go hand in hand.
  • This group have real names, like Norman and Ville.. Ok – yes Ville is less usual to me (as an Australian) – but it’s pretty rad/ can you call a femme Ville?
  • Earlier this year their Terms and Conditions EP was released on Greco-Roman, which is an ideal result.

When Millennium isn’t wearing a suit and tie, or doing business around a PC they are probably trying to not spill coffee on themselves while walking, working out syncronised dance steps to Ciara’s One, Two Step or simply planning road trips around really obscure holiday destinations, because I feel like that’s a pretty German thing to do.

This year Millennium is playing Torstraßen Festival – so I threw a handful of questions at them. For those that don’t know me, let’s be perfectly clear – I don’t ask hard hitting questions about music.. This is mainly because (technically) I don’t know the first thing about it. I like what I like – and then wonder…. “Which item from IKEA do you reckon these guy identify most with? I think I’m meatballs, obviously because they are everyone’s favourite”

So without any further carry on – let’s meet Millennium, the fifth of 6 in what we lovingly call “Lucy vs. Torstraße”.

Hit it.

You are from Berlin, where do I meet dudes?
Millennium: A lot of nice dudes roam around certain streets in Schöneberg. Another tip is the Lab.oratory club in the Berghain complex.

Who is your spirit animal? I think this is mine.
M: It’s Aibo, obviously.

If you were a band/ artist from the early 00′s who would you be you?
Ville: Were almost old enough to find that question slightly insulting. :)
Norman: Haha, yes. We are soooo old that we had our own bands in the early 00′s. Scary, huh?

You are stuck on a deserted island, you have all that boring stuff that unimaginative people think of (water, food, shelter etc.) – what are you bringing to isolation?
M: Wi-Fi.

If you could meet any Berliner ever to have graced this fair city, who would you meet/ why?
M: Not sure. There are too many to pick one.

You are an item from IKEA, what are you, why? I’m meat balls, because they are everyone’s favourite.
M: Törbjörn Swivel Chair

It’s 1993 – what CD is in your CD player? Mine is Salt n’ Pepa.
Ville: Age of Love – The Age of Love
Norman: Björk – Debut

You are an area of Berlin, what are you – why? – I’m everywhere outside the ring-bahn – mostly because I’m trashy, and people secretly like it.
M: We are the new airport. Full of ambition but deliberately dysfunctional.

What’s your dirty little musical secret?
M: We barely rehearse.

Tell us something you deem relevant.
M: Relevance is relative. (wise guy answer)


***Photo credit goes to Adrian Parvulescu



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