Lucy vs. Torstraße: Dinner


OK-OK-OK so we are half way through with our Berlin based acts to watch for this years Torstraßen Festival, so let’s intro Dinner. Hallo, Dinner. You are all probably less moronic than I am – but I do get a sick thrill out of a performer called Dinner – so many double entendre, would likely be more fun if he was actually called Breakfast – but I digress.  Here are our must knows, in bullets – just how we like them!

  • Dinner is from Denmark.
  • But sounds like the rock star parts of LA.
  • I’m pretty sure all of Dinner’s songs are about femmes – this is a positive for all the femmes out there.
  • You can buy Dinner’s face on a mug. Which is kind of genius, but to be honest – I would like the plate set (as well).
  • Dinner and CTM are mates – she has drunk out of his head.

When old mate isn’t singing deeply into a microphone he is probably trying to figure out a clever way to incorporate the Macarena into his live show, looking for the perfect white tshirt to wear with jeans or being effortlessly cool, because aren’t all Danish people cool by default?

This year Dinner is playing Torstraßen Festival – so I threw a handful of questions at him. When I say a handful of questions, I really mean questions along the lines of….“It’s a Sunday in Berlin, what are you doing? – because you definitely aren’t doing the food shopping.”

So without any further carry on – let’s meet Dinner, the third of 6 in what we lovingly call “Lucy vs. Torstraße”.

Hit it.

If you could meet any Berliner ever to have graced this fair city, who would you meet/ why?
Rudolf Steiner. Why, you ask? I’d like to talk to him about magic and how to grow vegetables.

It’s 1995 – what CD is in your CD player? Mine is Marey Carey, Dreamlover.
Breeders – The Last Splash. Or Iron Maiden.

It’s the year 2040 – what do you hope we are still doing? My hope is that Twerking is still a thing… And I know how to do it.
I don’t know? And I don’t know what Twerking is either. (Mate…. Twerking – Lucy)

You are an area of Berlin, what are you – why? – I’m everywhere outside the ring-bahn – mostly because I’m trashy, and people secretly like it.
I am the statue in Treptower Park. An enormous, menacing presence full of beautiful light and kitchy, semi-religous content on the inside.

It’s a Sunday in Berlin, what are you doing? – because you definitely aren’t doing the food shopping.
Yeah, that sucks. My fridge is always empty on Sundays.
My Sundays in Berlin:

Sometimes I do 8 hours of scrying, straight. I lost my crystal ball during my last trip to Lichtenstein, so now i stare into a mirror instead, like Brian Gysin did in his Paris hotel room with Burroughs. Sometimes it’s boring. Sometimes there are interesting shadows lurking around with a story for you.

What’s your dirty little musical secret?
I actually listened to the Chili Peppers whilst reading Anthony Kiedis’ ‘Scar Tissue’. And… I somewhat liked their first demo. And I really like Under the Bridge. It almost made me cry that song, the other day.

You are from Berlin, where do I meet dudes here?
I’m not really from Berlin, I wouldn’t know. But you’re welcome at my place for a cup of tea anytime, Lucy. I’m a dude.

If one song could be the theme song to your life, what would it be?
Vertical Thoughts 5 by Morton Feldman in rapid succession with I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred

Would you prefer to battle 100 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck? – Discuss.
1 horse sized duck. I would whisper into its ears (or the duck equivalent of ears) jump up on its back, and ride off into the sunset.
Duck whisperer.

Tell us something you deem relevant.
Everyday is a good day. To quote John Cage’s credo.


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