TRAVEL: Lucy vs. the Long Weekend


If you are anything like me, when long weekends come up you are just about ready to throw all your shit in the back of the car, and get out of town to your families house 1.5 hours away. Problem: I don’t have a car, nor a family house to get away to in Germany. As a result of this international living situation I find myself in, I have become very good at finding epic houses on the Internet which are only a very short drive/ train ride away for the big city.

Probably you can’t last minute book any of these for the coming Easter weekend; but it’s not a bad idea to bookmark them for future long weekend escapes. We are talking 2-3 hours from Berlin or Hamburg, with living situations that fit up to 10 people. Trust me when I say, trying to find accommodation that fit more than 6 can be a nightmare on Elm Street.

Frohe Ostern !



I stayed here for my 30th last year, an age I’m still coming to terms almost one year on. Bubkevitz is an old school turned holiday rental and it’s bloody marvellous. As it was a school it does have a slightly bizarre layout with a bedroom separating the kitchen from the main entrance hall – but even with this, it’s next level.


Things you need to note? There is the main house where you sleep, eat, drink and can be found “chillin”, and then another stable which you can also rent. This really excited my band friends as I’m 95% sure it’s organised as a studio. Good for regular people celebrating their 30th, good for rock stars who wanna get away and make an album – win/win.


To be fair, none of these houses are that cheap – but when you have the ability to squeeze in up to 10 people it’s not that bad either.



E-pic.Really. I had very real dreams of renting this place in February. Visions of up to 10 of my nearest and dearest, snow all around, a good book on my Kindle (do you guys do Kindles? You should, they are bloody wonderful) and enough wine to sink a ship. Life got a bit too crazy and this didn’t happen, but it is bookmarked.


Only a 2 or so hour drive out of Berlin, in the middle of fields, it may very well be best relaxation getaway you will ever take. It’s not cheap but !

  1. it’s not far,
  2. it’s fits a lot of people
  3. just think about how good the instagram pics will be. (!)



Well if this shit’s not regal I don’t know what is. Danée actually tipped me off to this beauty just 75 minutes outside of Berlin. One of the ABSOLUTE upsides of this nugget of decadence is it easily accessible by train, which to be fair, most of the selected holiday houses are not.


The ups and downs of Herrenhaus Röddelin is that you can rent single rooms (and share it with randoms), or the entire place (if it’s available) so it means you don’t need to roll 6-10 deep to make such a dwelling fiscally viable. That said, their pricing sheet confuses the absolute shit out of me – if any of you figure it out, lemme know !



On the west side of the country, this one is a Nordic themed Dutch residence. It’s a bit complicated to figure out what it’s all about, as their site is in Dutch.. only. But the interiors are positively Scandinavisch with that clean line, crisp coloured vibe – I will get over the fact I don’t really know what’s going on, even with Google translate switched on.


Definitely one of the süß’er houses we have included – fitting 6 comfortably with a more intimate/ comfy vibe rather than your vast design house sensation. It seems a lot of Nordic blogger types are raving about this Dutch number – really, that’s gotta be saying something.

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