Winter comes in October, as does a new playlist.


I’ll tell you what lights terror in my warm Australian heart – the thought that this weather I am experiencing in a German October isn’t even winter.. This is terrifying because this weather that we are experiencing in a German winter is chill I would experience for an Australian winter. I’m unsure whether this is a sad revelation or something that you Euro’s will find endearing, I am secretly terrified.

The thought of an adequate winter jacket consumes my every moment – because I literally have NO IDEA what is going to be adequate. And I don’t really have any Euro’s to tell me much other than “Luuucy, it gets to minus 20.” – and I’m sure it does – at 3A, but I figure I will be hibernating during those frigid temperatures and being particularly non-frigid with some dashing German/ Dane/ Swede/ Dutch/ {insert appropriate strapping nationality here}

In an effort to warm from the inside out – I made a playlist that makes me mostly want to dance, then possibly roll around, and then just get cosy in a doona – and not move until I really need to eat.. I hope it has the same effect on you.

The track list is as follows:

» Pilgrim
» Yung LifeRude Vision
» Nicholas Krgovich (feat. Nite Jewel) —
   Thinking About You (Frank Ocean Cover)
» KissesFunny Heartbeat
» LCMDFI Go Insane
» Egyptian Hip HopY.O.R.O. D.I.A.L.L.O
» Moon HolidaySwitching Sides
» PanamaIt’s Not Over
» Chad ValleyI Owe You This
   (feat. Twin Shadow)
» Emeron & FoxNightmares
» NZCA/LINESCompass Points

Get around winter, the only way I deem appropriate.


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