Lucy vs. Berlin Community Radio – in a twice monthly type way.


Lucy vs. the RadioYou read right. Starting next week – you are going to find me at 7P every second Tuesday (for one hour) gracing your ear drums on Berlin Community Radio.

It is going to run one of two ways.

Week 1: ASK LUCY!
Call – I don’t know what the number is.. yet, tweet (#asklucy), Facebook or email any questions or concerns – and I will answer them. There will be some music, there will be some guests, there will be lots of drinking to get me through, and there will probably be tears. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE!

Week 2: What’s Up Weekend, with your mates Bron (tentative participation) and Eliza (definite participation)
Wanna know what’s going on for the month ahead in Berlin? Bron and her dearest disco mate Eliza are going to tell you. They are also going to advise you on what you should drink/ wear and how you should act. There will probably be modern day party anthems throughout and wine – a lot of wine.

I will obviously inundate you with links/ information as we draw closer to D-Day (October 1) – but get it on your radar.

Shit’s happening.


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