Lucy vs. America – this is real life.


So – here’s the skinny. On March 1st I’m saying goodbye to San Francisco to try and find a life for myself in New York. This is long overdue – and marginally scary. I’m not going to lie – moving is kind of a trip, in the going out of your mind way.

Because I’m slightly nuts – I decided it would be a great idea to whore out my voice and promo different things across the country. AND because I’m still slightly nuts Hendrik from Poule d’Or and myself decided it would be a fun idea to do this together. So we are travelling for 5+ weeks across the United States..

One quick note on this – we haven’t met. I sort of think that he is lucky – because I went to boarding school and can tolerate anyone – even if I really don’t want to.

SO – MARCH 1 > we start in San Francisco and then we are off to: Big Sur, Los Angeles, Palm Desert, Las Vegas, Monument Valley, Tempe, New Mexico (somewhere), Marfa, Austin, Lafayette, New Orleans, Miami, Atlanta, Savannah, Charleston, North Carolina (somewhere), Washington DC, Boston, New York (watch the video below > Rude Gentleman “Sitting Lonely” feature.. Love them.)

We have gone into this trip with very little planning – so live in any of those cities, been to one? Have recommendations? I want to hear them – I’ll try anything once, possibly twice just to be sure I didn’t like it the first time round. So HIT ME.

I have also posted this to Kickstarter so that we can work on doing some really wild shit, with extra cash. If you want to get involved – give some $$. It’s actually super offensive to get you to give me (not Hendrik, he is in no way behind the vile that is begging) anything. BUT caution to the wind, things greater than myself, all that stuff. If we don’t make 1500 > we don’t see any of it. $25 gets you a poster, and I’ll likely also send you a swift tweet > fame?

GET ON BOARD. (I love you?)


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